EAPU Brochures

The EAPU supports the rights of older people to live a life free from abuse. We provide a number of services to the elderly and their families, including a Helpline, Newsletter, Yearly Reviews and Brochures. We also offer free community awareness and education sessions in QLD.

Currently, we provide a brochure in a range of different languages. This brochure defines what we mean by Elder Abuse, as well as who can be affected by this abuse and the type of abuse that can occur. It includes advice on protecting yourself or a family member from Elder Abuse and explains more about the EAPU and where to find help.

We specialise in topics such as:

EAPU Service Brochure: This brochure is only available in English.

Elder Abuse, Mistreatment & Exploitation: Green Background & available in English and a range of languages.

Mistreatment of Older People: White Background & available in English and a range of languages.

You may order printed copies of these brochures by calling our Helpline on 1300 651 192 or emailing us at You may also print copies of these brochures yourself, if this is better suited to your situation.

Multilingual brochures

It’s important to note that the brochures in languages other than English have not been updated for some time. However, whilst the Helpline contact number and general information remains correct, the information about providing feedback via email or fax may be outdated. In these instances, please ensure that you use the current contact information as outlined above and on our webpage.

We welcome your feedback

The team at EAPU welcomes your feedback and we take compliments, complaints and general feedback about our services and staff very seriously. We care about your experiences and your opinions are important to us. Your feedback will help us to continually improve our services. To leave your feedback, compliment or complaint, please visit our Feedback page.

Ask us a question

If you have a question about our brochures, services or Helpline, we would love to help. Please send us an email at or call us on 1300 651 192, 07 3867 2525 or 1800 Elder Help (1800 353 374). We respond to emails as soon as possible.