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Do you want to know when the media reports on Elder Abuse issues?

As part of supporting the rights of older people to live free from abuse, EAPU produces a quarterly EA Brief Newsletter. This newsletter helps to keep interested parties up to date with content about Elder Abuse and it now includes a Media Watch section.

You might be surprised at how frequently this topic is discussed in the media, but it’s not always easy to track this information down. So we make sure that you have all the information you need to keep abreast of this highly emotive and extremely important topic.

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Access the ‘2020 Year in Review’ report

If you can’t see the newsletter that interests you on this page, please contact us on– that’s because many of our previous editions are available in our hard copy archives.

This report contains detailed analyses of Elder Abuse and provides data on perpetrators, victims, abuse patterns and much more for the financial year ending in 2020. You can also access similar reports for previous years on our Data & Reports page.

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Access advice on Elder Abuse in QLD

If you want to discuss your options regarding Elder Abuse, please call our helpline on 1300 651 192 or 1800 Elder Help (1800 353 374). For more information on help for Elder Abuse, please check out our Elder Abuse Helpline page.

Access advice on Elder Abuse across Australia

We are happy to discuss your options concerning Elder Abuse, regardless of where you live in Australia, however it might be best if you contact someone closer to home. For a list of suitable helplines in your state or territory, please check out our Elder Abuse Helpline page.