Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

Domestic and Family Violence

The Queensland Government has a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific resources available via their website:

Domestic and family violence resources

(Queensland Government)

The Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence produced an excellent booklet entitled Strong Women. Hard Yarns. It is accessible here:

Strong Women. Hard Yarns.

(QLD Centre for Domestic and Family Violence)

Advance Care Planning

The Office of Advance Care Planning hosts information on the topic of advance care planning, including an explanatory video.

No More Humbug (reducing financial abuse)

No More Humbug was a project run by the Kimberley Community Legal Service located in the Kimerley region of Western Australia. It’s core goal was to reduce Aboriginal financial Elder abuse in the Kimberley. Along with a report, the project produced a number of resources, including posters, animations and a practical training manual. While the project was specific to the Kimberley, WA area the resources may be transferrable to other communities in remote regions. 

No More Humbug resources

(Kimberley Jiyigas [Birds] & Kimberley Community Legal Service)

Elder Abuse Prevention Unit